As the Lead Designer at Stitches, working closely with the creative team and director. I played a key role in the development of the company brand by introducing fresh ideas. Giving elements like stationery and needlepoint product designs a fun and modern spin, I have added my own creative flair to items that have reached the hands of customers.
Business Card Design
Upon arriving at Stitches, I was asked by my Creative Director to design a business card for their company as well as some donation gift cards. I had to think on my feet and move rather quickly as their company was in a rebranding stage after 15 years of service. I decided that I would capitalize on the fun colors they already used in their branding as well as their use of patterns in needlepoint stitching. I believed that a pattern of stitching needles would really tell the story of what we do here at Stitches Needlepoint. 
Stitches Donation Gift Card
Product Gift Box
Stitches Custom Packing Tape
Stitches Flash Sale Emailer & Website EBlast
During my time at Stitches, I have worked hard to help solidify a visual identity for the company while also working with its already existing brand. My job was not to steer away from what they had but to support and expand on it in my own creative way. with their primary color palette being neon, I chose to introduce the concept of bright neon signs to their brand. It has stuck and countless iterations have been used in their emailers and social media marketing. 
Website Poster Advertisement
Website & Email Iconography
Instagram Story Highlights Icons
Brand Primary Color Palette

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